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Flying geese tutorial on the blog now #patchwork #quilting #tutorial

Flying geese tutorial on the blog now #patchwork #quilting #tutorial

How to Make a Flying Geese Block

How to Make a Flying Geese Block

How to Make Flying Geese Blocks

Last week a lovely reader named Linda asked me about the Flying Geese patchwork. She was looking for a tutorial and having trouble finding one. So I thought I’d help her out with a little step-by-step, a sizing chart and some ideas on how to join the basic Flying Geese unit into blocks for your quilt.

My Flying Geese units have been made using some cream charm squares (5″ x 5″) and layer cake…

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Washi Tape Mail Holders

Washi Tape Mail Holders

family wall

Whether you have a small family or a large one, it can be so important to keep track of everyone’s activities and plans, and communicate these to everyone else. Often the kitchen or living room becomes the place where this information is likely to be seen easily. At Crafty HQ we have an open plan kitchen living room where we spend most of our time and it has quite a large blank wall which is…

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Last week Linda asked whether I have a tutorial to make Flying Geese blocks. I’m writing it up now, Linda! #quilting #patchwork

Last week Linda asked whether I have a tutorial to make Flying Geese blocks. I’m writing it up now, Linda! #quilting #patchwork

Star Quilt Finished!

star quilt finished

Ta da! My star quilt is all finished! The star of this quilt – forgive the pun! – is a block called LeMoyne Star so I think of it as my Star Quilt.

star quilt instagram

I was showing pictures on Instagram and Facebook last week of the quilting I was doing on this one, but here is the finished quilt.

You might recognise these blocks from the Craftsy Block of the Month 2013. This was a free class on Craftsy which…

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Tutorial: Sewing Machine Mat with Pockets

Tutorial: Sewing Machine Mat with Pockets

sewing machine mat with pocket tutorial

A few years ago now I decided to make a mat to go under my sewing machine to protect my table top and store various bits and pieces that I used all the time when I was sewing. At the time I made it up as I went along using some leftover jelly roll strips. A few people have asked over time for a tutorial and I have meant to write one, but this week I actually made a new and improved mat. This mat…

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Deep Sunday: Permission to Take a Day Off

Deep Sunday: Permission to Take a Day Off

give yourself permission

Friday morning I knew I was just not right. The evidence was right there – although I ignored it for a while.

Most Friday mornings I go into Tuckshop at school and lend a hand. It is a busy place on Fridays but it is also a great group of ladies and a fun place to spend a couple of hours. I usually count money, so as orders arrive in brown paper bags, I tip out the money, check the order makes…

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Some songs are never out if date #kermitthefrog #rainbow #connection

Some songs are never out if date #kermitthefrog #rainbow #connection

Sets of 7: Craft Tips

Sets of 7: Craft Tips

Sets of 7 Craft Tips

I love to share tips and tricks that can help out and make things easier in your sewing or crafting world. I realised that over time I have shared lots of tips – many of which I have no idea where I learnt them but they work for me. So today’s ‘Set of 7′ is a collection of just a few of those tips.

7 Handy Craft Tips:
Sets of 7 1. Start Quilting in the Middle 2. Tips for Stitching with Kids 3. Handy…

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Rainbow Loom: Bouncy Ball

Rainbow Loom: Bouncy Ball

rainbow loom bouncy ball

These are one of my son’s – aka Mr Happy’s – favourite rainbow loom things to make. He has made at least a dozen and given them to his mates at school. They are little bouncy balls, and are one of the main things that my kids wanted a Monster Tail Loom for.

bouncy balls monster tail loom

The monster loom has less pegs but they are arranged in a circle so you can make slightly different things with it. These balls are quick…

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I'm Tonya, the Crafty Mummy. I blog at and share gorgeous photos mostly from Etsy and Madeit here.