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Things you find when you tidy up… Rainbow loom bouncy ball! #kids #crafts #rainbowloom

Things you find when you tidy up… Rainbow loom bouncy ball! #kids #crafts #rainbowloom

Four for Friday: Sewing for Kids

Four for Friday: Sewing for Kids

four for friday sewing for kids

Friday again?! Where did the week go?

Have you had a crafty week?

This week I’ve collected some sewing projects that you can create for kids. Whether as gifts for friends or grandchildren, or for your own kids, these are useful projects that can be personalised with their favourite fabric.

elastic book strap

Elastic Book Strap

This book strap is a great way to keep a pile of books or folders together with a pen…

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Such cute needle books from a free printable from Wild Olive. Look for a post in tomorrow

Such cute needle books from a free printable from Wild Olive. Look for a post in tomorrow

Kids: Homework Station To Go

Kids: Homework Station To Go

Homework Station To Go

Kids and homework can be a tricky thing at the best of times. Fitting homework into the weekly routine around after school activities can be even trickier. We often seem to find ourselves out on a number of afternoons a week while one child or the other has classes or practice sessions. The other child meanwhile is stuck with me either in the car or watching the activity, and their homework is…

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Ideas for Pinterest Images (when you don’t have a photo)

Ideas for Pinterest Images (when you don’t have a photo)

Ideas for Pinterest Images when you don't have a photo

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again:

I Love Pinterest!

When I come across something I like on Facebook, I will click through to check it out and my next step is always to pin it to Pinterest. If I read something I enjoy on a blog or website, I will pin it to Pinterest. If I see a tutorial for something I want to make one day, I will pin it to Pinterest.

Pinterest is my default…

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Rainbow loom + penguin = CUTE! #rainbowloom #ontheblog

Rainbow loom + penguin = CUTE! #rainbowloom #ontheblog

Rainbow Loom: Penguin Charm

Rainbow Loom: Penguin Charm

rainbow loom penguin charm

One of the latest rainbow loom creations at our place is this cute penguin. He has attached himself to Little Miss’ clarinet case and makes it super easy for her to tell which case is hers at school when they all look the same! He was the work of an afternoon with the help of a video from DIY Mommy.

penguin charm rainbow loom

Mr Happy has also created a…

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Quilt Binding Tip

Quilt Binding Tip

When it comes time to add your binding to your quilt, it can be a juggle to hold the roll of binding, feed the quilt through the sewing machine and keep the weight of the quilt lifted so that it doesn’t cause problems in the stitching. I sometimes feel like I need an extra hand or two!

But I saw a quick tip somewhere along the line that I used on my Fat Quarter Fizz quiltand I snapped a picture…

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Four for Friday: Angel Crafts

Four for Friday: Angel Crafts

Four for Friday Angels crafts

It’s Friday again and my boy, Mr Happy, is home from school sick again. This seems to be a repeating pattern – although today’s fever is a lot easier to handle than last week’s gastro!

In any case I was thinking about angels earlier today – perhaps dreaming that one would help with the housework! – and realised that I have at least four angel crafts already on the Crafty Mummy. So here are four…

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I'm Tonya, the Crafty Mummy. I blog at and share gorgeous photos mostly from Etsy and Madeit here.